I have decided to take on the challenge of making a Web App  for November.

My coding skills are pretty bad, I haven’t actually coded anything in years, except for a few reports in PHP when I first started working for Indochino.

The hardest part about this so far is finding time to actually work on it.  I am working 40-60 hour weeks at work, just got a new puppy (which is pretty much like a kid) and have moved back to Vancouver recently, so still trying to make time to see all my friends and make it out to the cool events happening around town.

I joined some of the guys from Hackernews in this challenge and I have to say that they are very supportive.  I mentioned that I am coming in trying to learn to develop from scratch and right away they all offered to help when I am in need of programming help.

I will be detailing some of the details of making a webapp as I go through the process and am excited to get the app done by the end of November.

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