How many times have you asked support a question, receive an answer, only to wind up having another question that needs to be asked?

When it comes to great support, you should be able get a sense of where the customer is in their thought process and why they have encountered a problem.  Knowing your processes inside and out is where good service can become great service.

If you can understand a customer’s mind frame, you will then be able to understand why they may be confused and then also be able to pin point future problems they may have when using your services.

Good support will set a customer back on track and answer the customers questions, but great customer service will let a customer know how they got off track, educate them on how to get back on track and then guide the customer to the finish line dodging any obstacles they may face throughout the process.

So make a point of using your software or service as if you were a customer and fully test all features, this way when a customer starts to describe their problem to you, you will be able to fully imagine where they are, how they got to where they are and how to get them back on track.


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