I decided to head to the a new co-working space called ‘The Office’ last week to check out the 13th Vancouver Demo Camp.  I hadn’t been to a DemoCamp due to me living out of the country for most of the time, but also because I never really had anything to demo since DemoCamp #3.

There was some really cool startups pitching, including JukeNuke, Facing.me and Cooq.com but found the event to be lacking in substance and confined to the DemoCamp Structure which ultimately made it quick and boring.

For anyone who hasn’t been to a DemoCamp, the structure is anyone can do a 30 second pitch about their startup and then the crowd votes on the top 4, who then are given 6 minutes to demo their product.

I was actually amazed at the quality of pitches and products that were being demoed.  A lot of products that I could see myself using and you could tell there was a lot of time and effort put in to them.

Where I would like to see things change is to allow for more Demos, more time for questions and discussion about the Demo and more organization at the event.

How I think the next Demo Camp could be improved would be to simply have a website that allows you to pitch your startup before the event and allow people to vote for them before the event.

This would increase the amount of pitches that could be shared without making the event take any longer.

Give every pitcher an additional 3 minutes to answer questions.  I felt we started to get into some really good discussions about the startups that were cut short due to the 6 minute pitch window.

Finally, have every startup setup before hand with a demo of their product working so you can then talk one on one with the pitchers before and after their pitches instead of them being lost in the crowd.

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