Almost every startup that I have worked with uses Gmail for their email solution.  Gmail is the best free email out there and I highly suggest this to all startups.

However, once Startups start growing they tend to grow in amount of email coming in and have to look to migrate out of gmail and in to a Ticketing system.

My new company called turns Gmail in to a ticketing system saving you from having to migrate to a clunky customer service ticketing solution and lets you continue to use the amazing built-in features of gmail.

I am very excited to show you a sneak peak at the software:

For more information and to sign up for our Beta, visit:

I have decided to take on the challenge of making a Web App  for November.

My coding skills are pretty bad, I haven’t actually coded anything in years, except for a few reports in PHP when I first started working for Indochino.

The hardest part about this so far is finding time to actually work on it.  I am working 40-60 hour weeks at work, just got a new puppy (which is pretty much like a kid) and have moved back to Vancouver recently, so still trying to make time to see all my friends and make it out to the cool events happening around town.

I joined some of the guys from Hackernews in this challenge and I have to say that they are very supportive.  I mentioned that I am coming in trying to learn to develop from scratch and right away they all offered to help when I am in need of programming help.

I will be detailing some of the details of making a webapp as I go through the process and am excited to get the app done by the end of November.

We recently welcomed one of our Vancouver Staff members to our Shanghai Team for a few months and luckily we were invited to a party called “Roller Revival”.  Basically, at a remote place on the out skirts of Shanghai lies a roller rink.  In the roller rink was 500 expats and locals all dressed to the nines in 80′s, drag and “colorful” getups.

My friend Rose, who I had recently gone to Moganshan with had her band playing and I was stoked to get some photos of a good Shanghai Night Life Party that catered to more expats.  Their band killed it by singing songs about the Great Chinese Firewall and other random tidbits like how to give directions in Chinese… all in all it was an amazing night.

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It seems like there are quite a few holiday days in china that get blocked together and I was lucky enough to get invited to an amazing place about 3 hours outside of Shanghai in the mountains called Moganshan (shan=mountains in chinese).  We stayed in a tree fort style hostel which was amazing, and just relaxed for 3 days, recharging our batteries from the super non-stop busy work life in Shanghai.

The company we stayed with was called Prodigy Outdoor which caters to the Mountain Bike community and I highly recommend this for Mountain Bikers and just people looking to get away to an awesome retreat.

After a Swim in the Moganshan Resevoir

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Expo 2010 has kicked off in Shanghai and I was lucky enough to be invited to a rooftop party at the Bank of China right on the Bund.  In the photo, you can see the thousands and thousands of people walking along the Bund Boardwalk.

The other cool thing about the Party was that former UFC fighter Alberto Crane was there and got to pick his mind about Jiu Jitsu for a bit.

Overlooking the Bund on Expo 2010 opening day

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